Is Zac Gold-smith a slimey lyying basterd?

effortless yes
See Source.

Answer to the question No, he's far worst than that. Source(s):… Yes. He also likes Eastenders
Seems to be. Like father, like son.
I wouldn't know. Perhaps you could inform us on what he's supposed to enjoy done/said that makes him a slimy lying bastard?
He's a Tory, so what else do you expect?
Zac Goldsmith, 31, eco-warrier, environmental policy advisor to Tory Leader Dave Smooth-Spin, newly elected millionaire MP for Richmond Park and editor of The Ecologist definitely can't see that he is. Watch association below.

Jon Snow vs Zac Goldsmith Channel 4 news 16-07-10…

Take these answers with a pinch of saline.…

Shame is, I liked this guy before because of his ‘green speak’, but in a minute he looks a crook. I suppose that’s to be expected really. It won’t be long until Dave Smooth-Spin doesn’t have a majority anymore, with or in need a ‘fixed deck’.

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