In what mission can you find out adjectives almost the roswell UFO crash ?

There are lots of books to read about the Roswell incident. Read a few at the library and start to come up near your own conclusions.
Well it would own to be one with no math or science involved.

Since anyone who knows anything roughly speaking math and physics,

knows there are no UFO's coming to globe.

The closest star with a planet, is more than 8 light years away from mud.

That means a minimum travel time of around 12 years to get to mud from that star, traveling at near light speed, which would be impossible. More than expected around 30 or 40 years, traveling at half the speed of light.

Thats freshly from one star thats closest, most stars are hundreds of light years away, so your looking at travel times in centuries.

2. That doesn't even bring back into time dialation --

IE: the faster you go, time slows down.

So a 20 year trip in space for you, wager on on your hoome planet, 60 years would have passed
None. There is nothing to know. It was a Project Mogul balloon, piece of a secret nuclear weapons trial program in the late 1940's. Even most of your legitimate hard-core UFO nuts (except those who make big money selling books and video's about the "Roswell UFO") no longer see Roswell as anything but a "home-grown" event.
None that you will find on Monster.

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