Is at hand a role within the Parliamentary Labour Party for Peter Mandelson?

I wouldn't trust him to clean the bogs,
Peter Mandelson will not be hear of until the final stages of the labour campaign. He will after fly in like a bat contained by the night, if labour win, become the prime minister, and turn us into vampires.
Apart from that, no, he'll go and get a commercial private sector role in marketing and consultancy. Source(s): Shadow secretary for the minions of Satan perhaps, shadow secretary for mollusc's and invertebrates. Rack 'em elevated mandleson is bound to find a role suitable to his talents apart from being a slimy ask dodging two faced bum face. I know its childish but if i call him what i really think he is i would be in for a suspension. Begins near C
Not really as he's a Lord. So he can't be a part of it as the PLP consists only of Labour MPs.
i regard theres a vacancy in the cleaners cupboard for a toilet attendant. he'll relish that
Should the state continue to fund the pension of a corrupt Why should he be allowed surrounded by Parliament he has been proven on numerous occasion to be committing fraud, and people want a more honest parliament? Trust me, Mandleson is not the way to that!

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