If English elected representatives doesnt control BP how come English governing body help BP to go and get mission surrounded by Libya ?

english government released libyan killer In exchange for BP individual allowed to drill in libya thats the 100% truth. so how come English government doesnt contemplation about BP?

Everyone know that english government have a lot of thing to do beside BP
it is 6 pm i hold looked through Q/A and added your multiple accounts and have concluded that you have spent your ENTIRE Saturday trolling you obligation to get out more

whats the matter Ray get no friends :(
America invades Iraq and Haliburton makes billions. And tell me where on earth Iraqs oil is going. Check your own back courtyard first pal.Plus it was a Haliburton piece of rubbish engineering that former and caused the leak..........strike your out.
There is no such thing as the "English government".

England is only one piece of Britain along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Also, the person within question was released by Scotland not England. If you have any understanding at all of British politics you would read between the lines that there isn't a chance contained by hell that the SNP administration in Scotland would enjoy helped the Labour government contained by Westminster in this way.

Oh, and BP is 39% owned by British share holders and 40% by American shareholders but don't agree to a few facts get in your passageway.
There isn't an English government. Get the question right!
If here was a deal who should the British command give the contract to...a Chinese company?

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