Can my employer administer me a written off-putting and it stay on my wallet indefinitely?

My employer gave me a written warning in need any verbal warning and say it will stay on my record indefinitely even though she says its informal, this be for being off not a hundred percent with a Dr's note and for wearing a sleeveless top for work when it be really hot, which several other members off staff did too but she never pulled them up going on for it?
She has also made several personal comments just lately including asking if i be wearing underwear under white linen trousers !
I've worked there for 9 years and don't want to quit but discern a little harassed at the moment!!
It will stay on file for permanent.
But will simply be able to use it against you for a year.
Yes, they can make every alarm written (it's actually better that way). And yes, it will stay in your wallet.
UK - a written off-putting should only officially stay on profile for a year. As for the rest - keep a diary of everything that is scheduled - it sounds like bullying and you need to build a skin. Email me directly if you need pointers. Source(s): Finance/HR/legal and ex Revenue Check with your federation or a solicitor, but I think you'll find that all warning expire after one year. But informal warnings are of little consequence and I don't think any adjectives prospective employer would be too worried about it. They might even see that you are the sort of person to slight petty regulations and do the sensible thing!.

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