What except hit it beside a sledge hammer what can you do in the order of a neighbours burglar alarm going past its sell-by date adjectives the time.?

They have been told something like it but seem disinterested,it goes stale usually whilst they are away or on hols.
Last time for a whole week.
We have told them that fairly than serve its purpose it would tell any burglars"We are not in come assist yourselves.
We don't want to report to police as they have enough serious job to deal with.
Would the local council know how to do something as we sometimes cant sleep.
Environment at your local council should be able to help. Tell your neighbour to return with his backup battery sorted in the alarm. If it is duff, every time within is a power flicker, or outage, the damn thing will go sour. The battery needs varying every 5 -7 years
Tell the council to sort it out, that's what you pay rates for. Don't worry going on for annoying the cops, they will smash the alarm unit of the wall if they have to. The cops can and will undo a car to turn its alarm off if its a unrelenting grievance to other neighbours. Personally i would have words with the neighbour first, if it come to no friendly agreement and it happened again then tack hammer ladder smashy smash.
Is the alarm maintained by a company (identified by a sticker outside the home)?

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