Why doesn't the UK hold consecutive sentences for every individual they execute, as within the USA?

Why don't we have consecutive sentences in the UK, such as within the USA they have a life sentence for every creature they kill such as 100s of years if it's more than one, but in the UK, some heartbreaking pervert who serial kills many women for sexual thrills get a parole review after about 25 years, the same as if they have killed one person
Sorry, I can't agree near you!
IF, IF our politicians REALLY represented us we would have the capital punishment likelihood, on that basis it wouldn't matter how copious they had killed we'd one and only execute them once ... hmm, but I guess we could take longer over it if they had kill more
e.g. killed one = quick execution
kill five = nice and slow (say torture for a couple of hours before killing them ... I resembling that idea)
When we had hanging contained by the UK, we only allowed one appeal which took place within 90 days if it inferior then the person be hanged within a couple of weeks, no waiting going on for for years like other countries - whats the point in aphorism 100 years just say duration without parole..

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