How heaps different level are at hand contained by the against the law drugs business?

Ask your local police - they will know best, and will be capable of tell you if they have created any contemporary job openings surrounded by your area.
Depends on the type of drug.

For an excellent expalnation of all levels of the heroin business contained by the UK get hold of the 1989 Channel 4 television series Traffik.
it depends on which one. there are a shyt load of different drug operation, some might be a one man show, others could be 5 or more levels.
i would think the mundane would be 5 levels ;

1) the main man or men,
2) the drug runners (people who pick up and deliver packages)
3) the muscle/enforcers/security
4) the mid height dealers that sell to #5
5) the street rank dealers

but then also, in that are more levels above #1, the people hes buying from, ect ect

you should scrutinize the hbo show THE WIRE
its 5 seasons and it shows you all the level of the drug buisness, as well as all the level of the police, from both perspectives Source(s): knowledge of tha activity Street level dealers. suppliers, distributors, imporrters, mules, exporters, manufacturers/refiners, growers.

About adjectives I can think of. And there are the cops and politicians on the payola lorry.
yea, so anyway.... the real answer is look up your jurisdiction. Or for a nonspecific idea... try the Model Penal Code...
3 levels

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