Is Labour a event minus a purpose?

The Labour leadership contest serves only to underscore a movement bereft of ideas and direction.…
Their ideas be always bad and look what they've done to the country, every time they've be in power they have brought the country to its knees financially, they still founder to see that in order to share out the cake you own to let it grow, they and the unions own cost working people their jobs over and over again by bloodbath the golden goose and endless meddling, in attendance is nothing left to verbs so they are a party without a purpose.
Not true, Labour are a carnival that have lost touch with the working class. But they still enjoy a purpose and that is to get put a bet on their old Values and get put money on on the correct path. I think within are lots of ideas that these candidates can bring to Labour. Do not forget it be Blair Brown and Mandelson that were so in love beside the idea of New Labour. Miliband and the rest wanted Brown to resign because they be so disillusioned with the way the paty have become.

The Telegraph is a has always have allegiance with the Tories so it would want to paint Labour in a desperate light. Do not believe everything you read
Yes Labour want to return to their traditional roots or I think they may face extinction
The graft party will only become significant when it stops its worship of capitalism and greed and starts representing the interests of the working man which was the reason for its formation.
Labour has cast off ordinary working people and socialism. There is no bearing back for them now... Time to start again!
I don't know in the order of purpose. but twice in my lifetime they have nearly bankrupt the country.

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