Legalising drugs:Prohibition does nought to halt the drugs trade,is legalisation the with the sole purpose alternative gone very soon?

Yes, Prohibition is a great evil, it have failed. We need to stop wasting time and money describing people what they can and cannot do, its doesn't work, its a failure.

illicit drugs kill in cold blood 3000 a year alcohol and tobacco kill 120000 a year in the UK. The most risky drugs are already legal.
Yes, clearly, what you call prohibition has not worked, so the the alternative is to make conform... brilliant. You should run for office,,, policy issues are so black and white. Either or, right....

Try a bit of critical thinking... the legislature is the will of the people or society, so why are drug banned? Might it be the social harm, or just you and your finds that wanna gain high?

See, the problem is most drug users are not.... well... when you look at the sky as say-so "whoaaaa" dude was that a shooting star... the rest of the world knows you;re an idiot..
Drugs will never be legalised. There's too much money to be made, by having them illegal. It's that simple, the path I see it.
only to the drug addict, not to the people who know what drugs do to the body,

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