Union leaders at the tolpuddle convention hold suggesting common strike are they right.?

they all keep axiom that this government refuses to come down thorny on the theiving bankers who have
caused this massive deficit.
instead by an assortment of devious and underhand means they are getting all the money rear which the bankers
lost by taxing the working classes and freezing their wages.
so they are all saying adequate is enough its time we all get together and called a general strike, should we
A strike would be a disaster for all ,it would realize nothing but would play into the hands of the parliament as it did in the 80's giving them the excuse for more union bash and helping them to browbeat honest low paid workers.
Sorry but the previous government and their Union backer are not blameless - they can't just put all the blame on the bank system. Who spent all the money ? Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and LABOUR the pilfering bunch of thieves.

They can strike if they close to - it's their jobs they will destroy surrounded by the end.
About time they grow a spine and stick up foe the workers that settle their salaries! Source(s): member UBC At this dedicated time, what would a general strike achieve?
Yes we adjectives know about the bankers and some of the MP's making fortunes.
It is not the responsibility of any Union, to cause even more misery on the nonspecific public, but it is their duty to stand fast on behalf of all the citizens and confront the government with negotiation and not threats.
Every time you hear persuaded Union bosses flexing their muscles and grabbing headlines, they distribute the impression of dictators rather than re presenters of member.
Whether you like it or not, it was the f¨ēte the Unions financed, that has caused the majority of the problems we are face with.

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