'Muslims eject guide dogs from buses' Whats your thoughts?

The Sunday Times has reported that muslim drivers and passengers enjoy been objecting to guide dogs one carried on buses. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Assoc said that although it is illegal on grounds of disability discrimination, they are reception increased reports of this happening with population being ejected with their guide dogs. The Transport Minister have had to intervene. Thoughts? Comments?
Muslims agree that dogs should not be kept as pets.
Though some guide dogs could technically be classified as pets they are in that for a purpose (help that person get through their disability)
Personally i deem that's discrimination. This is just preventing Blind society from leaving their area within order to go around places. They can't do plentiful things as it is with their disability and now they are anyone forced to stop travelling, well at least a worthy majority. People agree that they feel more confident and safer when with their dogs so why should we stop that? All this 'ban' of have guide dogs means you are making their disabilities less perceptible to people and they could take authority of that.
Googled Guide Dogs and here's a few links that are similar to your Question near Muslims behaving badly near an illogical objection to Guide Dogs.




And Here's one about Muslims using some virtuous old common sense.


There are regrettably tw(a)ts everywhere in all religions, beside Muslims probably having more than their fair share but none the smaller quantity they are still a minority, lets just hope that the bigots inside the Muslin community are just as eagerly condemned as the bigots outside the Muslim community are.

With equal rights comes equal responsibilities.
I can't read the story but it's in the tabloid mentioned.


I'm quite frankly disgusted & surly the blind person can sue the empire concerned for discrimination.

Edit checked out some bus companies - guide dogs are permited, so if the driver refused he should disciplined for gross miss conduct.

"Dogs are permitted on buses at the complete discretion of the driver. Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are permitted at all times."




Found this in the Telegraph

"Is a religious bus refusal on my dog right?

On two occasions last week my dog be barred from London buses on religious grounds, writes Judith Woods. "

This is what anyone (just about) does when coming to a new country to live. Instead of becoming one of them they decide that they can prefer what they are going to do and if it breaks the law so be it.

This is what the muslims have fixed to do. They want to take over not become.

I have to say aloud all countries should pass law that go against the muslims this way they will stay within the sand pit they came from.

Enough with they do not similar to dogs booze pork and them make it so we cannot have that any.

Plenty of people do not like these things (and wise saying it for religious reasons is crapola to me) tolerate it. I remember a muslim woman took a job contained by a grocery store, then she pissed and moaned when someone bought port beer (said she could not check them out) She should have be fired for not being able to do the charge. And ask yourself WHY did she take that job to get going with.
its strange how they reflect they can come here and change OUR laws newly to suit them

enoch powell was right - no-one listened
I'm left wondering what are muslims worried going on for? Is it all muslims? What is the defining characteristic of the muslims that are object to guide dogs on buses? It makes me wonder if they're worried about the dogs simply attacking innocent peope or smaller number then innocent people for doesn`t matter what reason.
Throw pigs entrails and body parts at the entrance of every mosque. Or is that illegal? Source(s): A true British patriot. I'm sure eject guide dogs must be unlawful at the very least.
Sorry but you cannot go around kicking blind race and their guide dogs off the bus (or your granny for that matter) - if dogs offend them I really do not precision - they should be fired. Source(s): If they want to live in a Muslim country they are free to leave Maybe it's almost time we started pissing some of them off, maybe we ought to adjectives by a copy of the Koran and set fire to them in the streets, that ought to do it.
I just don't bring it?....So its ok to oppress women, force daughters into a marriage they don't want, put up for sale little girl children to old men for sexual pleasure, Behead anyone who insults their religion Bomb the hell out of what ever country they choose and basically try to drag the world posterior a thousand years, but they object to a friendly old doggie? The British own been a nation of dog owners for thousands of years, Ya know what!.... I object to Islam....so when is the foul cult going to be removed from my country?....When do the British relatives get a voice? Ask me to choose between Dogs or Islam.....No contest, give me dogs any morning of the week. They settle in, wag their tail and are happy to be cut of it all, Which is more than can be said for Islam. Misserable bloody people.
It's The Sunday Times it must be true !! The Evil empire of Murdoch !!
Well the U.K. just desires to keep their filthy mouths shut and allow the Muslims to take over to show how "politically correct and tolerant they are!"
Better to be "politically correct and tolerant" and be forced to live beneath shariah law than stand up and take your country support and eject the trouble makers from your land right?
I mingy the Government officials in charge see and get this, why doesn't the common citizens?
are we discussion thousands, hundreds, or 2?
I can't find your link?

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