I be walking down the street, when a solitary branch from a neighbours' tree fell and hit me. Should I nickname...?

...the 'National Accident Helpline'?

Do you think I have a valise?

*thinks $$$*
Go for it! Argue about how injured you are and so forth...
Call John Edwards - he needs the money to pay for his divorce.

Funny how the liberals criticized Newt Gingrich for supposedly divorcing his wife while she be sick. Yet Edwards cheats on his wife while she has A FATAL DISEASE and the liberal media didn't even want to report it.
The NAH is the sweeping up bucket shop for the dodgy trippers and slippers who didn't realise there was any merit within their misfortune until they saw an ad.

People who have material serious injuries in a car disaster or at work don't need some ar5e in a cheap suit to let somebody know them they may have a claim.

NAH (and the other similar people who publicize on TV) are simply claims farmers who take your details and sell them onto a solicitor who have to turn a profit just to make the allowance back.
Don't touch them with a bargepole. Source(s): I'm a advocate Given the weight of a leaf required to end in MINIMAL injury, in order for the branch to blow into the street, the WIND must have been gale force or more. This create you case fall below an 'Act of God', Your neighbor is not liable for acts of God, and even if you win a judgment against God, the court does not enjoy the ABILITY to collect.
yeah, provide em a call, buy this time next year you'll be a millionaire, if you don't win any joy you could always try calling ghostbusters. in recent times out of curiosity how many bones did it break? ROLTLOL
Only if it extinguished the combustible compound connected to the explosive device strategically placed contained by your head garment.
We can't have leaves falling from trees preventing citizen's from fulfilling their destiny, immediately can we.

Go for it your on a winner my old son....
Yeah of course, for the nut house i.e.
Hahaha you are so funny

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