A freind of a friend arrested for self Drunk and dissorderly?

Hi i need some advice as my flatemates fella isn't taking it seriously, he be arrested friday night for D&D its his second time this year and 3rd time in total, I estimate he also has a drink driving convicion to which he was excluded for 2 years, He has a cout dae for a few weeks time, what is the punishment mosst likely to be? will he have need of a solicitor? many thanks hope someone can oblige.
He will receive a fine and maybe community service.
It depends what the disorderly bit was. I was done for this various years ago, I was drunk, but not disorderly. I was informed that one go with the other and that if I couldn't remember everything I did that night that I might as powerfully plead guilty, ended up taking the advice and be given a fine.
attain a solicitor, they can give you the best outcome.
Relax , Agnes !!

I think a bit of penal complex time might make him wise up.
He needs a slap if anything, jail time might build him grow up.
probaly get sour with a fine or suspended sentance

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