Does Mi5 know what political deputation member of the public are within?

If security services do background checks, could they find out a person's political jamboree membership?

This is just out of curiosity formerly anyone gets ahead of themselves.
Who give a toss. Everyone is entitled to the freedom to join what ever political party they want. That is what democracy is adjectives about......I assume we are talking roughly speaking the same MI5 that didn't even know that illegal immigrant were cleaning its entire domain and had access to adjectives of its private offices?..I Would write to Osama bin laden and ask him. I hear that he go under the new cross of albert pukes, and MI5 hired him as their chief adviser on security finishing year. Most MI5 officers have to enjoy a sat nav sewn into their bowler hats to find the organization toilet.
I'm sure they could, but very few member of the public actually belong to a political party anyway.

Previous answers refer to tracing votes - clearly it is possible for a vote you have made at any British election to be traced put a bet on to you, because your electoral register number is written on the ballot paper counterfoil, but this would be really long-winded to do. It would require tracing the counterfoil, then tracing the ballot article related to it. Ballot papers and counterfoils are sealed after the see count, stored for one year then destroyed, and may only be open on the orders of an electoral court, which only happen if there are allegations of fraud at the election. If MI5 be interested in knowing where your political sympathies feign, they have much more efficient ways of doing it.
Of course they do. Even a ballot paper isn't secret it can be traced vertebrae to you.
Yes. And they know what you post on the internet too. Even if you use another screen-name.
If they are a member of a political gathering, then yes they can.

If you're thinking "Is there any possible route for a security service to find out whom I voted in the finishing election?" Then, it would be possible. Just check your roll card and voting slips next time you vote.

Is it any benefit to them? Of course not, in attendance are no political parties in existence today that can possibly threaten the status quo. -If adjectives the politicians are proven corrupt and vacuous and the public STILL elect them into office, then that only proves that the political will of the masses has off to a dangerous level of apathy.

We merely do as they say without request for information and without debate.

Pay more, work more, receive less and smaller quantity and less.
I could tell you but I would have to clutch you out afterwards!

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