Do you feel individuals are purposely put into power by the worlds super rich?

take tony blair,( someone please).
he said in 1989 I intend to stop this misuse by loansharks of ripping off the people near huge interest rates.
2010 we have them advertising loans on telly presently at 250% per year and thats the cheap ones.
he said we will abolish the house of lords.
they are still there including non doms and still theiving off the populace near their expenses.
he said he had no intention of sending british soldiers to war unless its to uphold our country.
how many have died within iraq and afghanistan.
he said it was terrible the route the tories were stealing off pensioners by fixing their pension to the
consumer price index.
it was still the same after his 12 years contained by office.
he said in the 1990's that the aperture between rich and poor was increasing under the tories and if he get
into power he would redress that balance.
It got bigger while he be p.m.
he said countless other things before he got into bureau every one turned out to be lies just to get into power.
similar to the above examples.
the one thing he did not say be that he would be lb300 million better off at the end of it, next to another
lb200million to come.
was he induced by the rich to join the chore party, so he could keep the status quo for them.
and should we solitary vote in future for graft party candidates brought up within a working class background.
Because Tony Blair got shown the same piece Barack Obama was shown when they got into power.

Fort Knox have no Gold in it.

Starting in nearly 2000 here in America they started giving auto loans to illegals to show new automobiles anyone sold. The illegals then just drove them across the border never to retribution for them.

Then starting in 2005 Congress forced the Banks to start giving mortgages to illegals. 10 million illegals in the United States walk away from their homes and didn't pay for them. They were buying and selling homes between themselves and run south of the border with the Trillions they pocketed from the Americans.

Congress made America even poorer than it was. It be their experiment to try and explode the economy so the Federal Government could afford it's Social Security liabilities. You see Congress spent our Social Security Trust Fund over the years and be hoping to make extra income to fill the useless box they stole money from.

Our situation now is actually worse than it be in 2000. Hence why Tony doesn't mind his people are self robbed. And why Obama passed the new mandatory 'healthcare' Federal Tax when in certainty they have no intention of offering 'healthcare'. They just have need of the extra revenue to Fund Social Security.

"It is the sense of the Senate that the funds created by this act should be Reserved for Social Security" Page 392 of the 'HealthCare' Bill the Congress in America lately passed.
yes it happen, like barrack hussein obama, the guys was elected president thankfulness to big support from corporations like GE, super rich like george soros, the far departed, etc... nothing he does is right and its all seem to be benifiting his supporters bigtime with $$. tony blair was not a righteous guy and he left with pious reason.
Yes! The non-dom tax dodger "Lord" Ashcroft owns the Thatcherite Conservative gala with Cameron as his manager. It will steal care of his interests and those of his super-rich chums!
During that meeting that B,fraudster had with Bush at Camp David it is fairly obvious he was made a particularly lucrative offer by AIPAC to use the British armed forces in their bent war against the people of the Middle-east!
I think you own to be superrich just to gain power these days or rely on luxurious donaters.
YES! I think George Soros and the leftist Radicals planted oodles CEO's to destroy Corp America and Planted many Congressman to verbs our Govt and constitution.!~

Franklin Rains- CEO- Fannie or Freddie mac- who is also connected to the CCX- Climate scandal.
AIG- Ceo who took over for a couple years - destroyed AIG! Its all planned carefully to verbs America by the far left loons!
defiantly, and it has zilch to do with left or right, setting; as long as he or she will be a good poodle president or politician; they support there fight through finance and media; if the competitor is against there policies they try to get of him. a honest recent example was Rand Paul; he wants to abolish the U.S Fed Reserve; which made the U.S surrounded by debt with $13 Trillion; so they gave him collective punishment through at hand media. The sad cross-question is no American knows who they owe the $13 Trillion; they all reflect its china while its a fact China loaned 990 billion; $9 trillion from the $13 Trillion are truely a mystery for any American; a complete joke

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