Think 21 policy surrounded by bookmakers?

i work for a very large bookmakers who hold a think 21 policy whereby if you dont think someone looks 21 they hold to prodce i.d even though you are allowed to gamble in bookmakers at 18 i strongly uphold this rule as it is chunk of my job but i d not agree with it in a minute it has come to light that i enjoy served a girl who is 19 which the company have sent in to shops to ambush people out if i have served this entity in my opion then she looked over 21 but i did not i. her can they draw from away with gving me a final written warning for this as i enjoy also passed ones they have sent in up to that time which i have i.d can anyone clarify this as bookmakers staff a fearing for at hand jobs i have worked within in this company for 23 years and have never have any sort of verbal or written warning
This is outrageous.

They pass you a FWW for serving someone who can lawfully be on the premises? It seems to me they are trying to shuffle you out the door on a pretence. I suspect this is surrounded by breach of their own disciplinary policy.

I suggest you instr=instigate the appeal and grievance process and you may wish to consult solicitors; 6 months down the line when you commit some trifling error, you don't want this point coming back to bite you in the ar5e. If you consent to it go, that's exactly what will happen. . Source(s): I'm a legal representative Very difficult situation, as it is your opinion as to how old populace look.

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