What plane of toxicity is the Gulf of Mexico marine very soon resembling?

High. And the real wreck is yet to come. Just because the oil spill is over, doesn't denote the crisis has passed. The damage to the Gulf ecosystem will remain for at most minuscule a generation.
It depends on what you are measuring and where on earth.

Over 90% of the gulf is virtually unaffected by the oil spill and surrounded by fact - most of the spilled oil is man eaten by bacteria.

BTW - Are you aware that you can die if you drink too much seawater? So the best answer to your cross-examine is that - like all seawater - the hose down in the Gulf is 'toxic.'

One of the things you need to do is swot to seperate out the hype and fear-mongering from fact.
Will is correct, however I would like to expand on his point.

The accepted toxic stratum for oil is anything over 5 parts per million. Water from orange seaside tested at 25 parts per million. The sand around Gulf Shores beach tested at an astonishing 211 parts per million. Remember, these beaches hold been left depart by officials who continue to claim the, “The coast is safe to swim.” Near Orange Beach, in the intensely area where kids be happily playing, the water tested a whopping 221 parts per million. How can the EPA and local official continue to lets citizens frequent these toxic beach?

As if this wasn’t enough, a sample from the Dolphin Island Marina if truth be told EXPLODED when mixed with an organic solvent intended to separate the grease and water! That’s right, we now hold documented evidence of samples exploding upon testing.

The demonstrable reason for such an explosion is methane gas. As we know, methane is highly flammable and can explode upon contact next to air. The other likely entrant is the neurotoxin known as Corexit9500, which has continued to be unequivocally sprayed through aerial operations as all right as directly at the source.

This should be a major wake up christen for anyone that still believes this disaster is behind us.

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