Is Cameron trying to screw us adjectives again beside his 'big society' plan?

that is, he wants more volunteers to run public services similar to libraries and post offices. Basically is he just wanting those to do the same jobs minus getting paid?
I'm no fan of the coalition, in certainty I bloody hate the libs.....But Why not give it a try? in attendance are lots of fit healthy young those that are willing to take a go style for free from government benefits. Why shouldn't they join a volunteer group and put something stern?....I am retired now. But still fit and active. If I am likely to help out with community projects why shouldn't they?....I construe it would help to bring a bit of reality into the lives of the long possession unemployed. Why the Hell do they think that its OK to sit on their backside taking, but never giving support. Why do they think the country owes them a living? We should make use of the unwaged.....Let them do a couple of days a week for their money, and as a reward for their work, get off of their back and let them earn some bill money if they wish...IE: boot sale, cash in foot work etc.....Bit of give and take and it could be devout for the country, after all, every thing we buy is subject to excise.....SO their cash in appendage work would still come back to government.....Or maybe I'm speaking too much common sense for the British politician. Why cant we take this concept from a different angle, get around the table and look at it properly before condemning it.
If there is not the nouns for public services then if a community wants some services any private enterprise will get involved or voluntary groups.

I think what is going to begin is that people will have to attain off their backsides and contribute to their communities and not expect handouts.

If a country does not have the nouns for some peripheral public services then core comings and goings will need to be supported but others will have to rely on private enterprise or voluntary groups and philantropy.
Absolutely right. The problem is that people working as volunteers will need the skills and professional qualifications of the public servants who currently carry out these job. However, perhaps it is his intention to create so many seeking work public sector workers that there will be no shortage of people to be forced into doing them for nil. Failing that, who will fund the necessary training for volunteers and charity workers?
I mentioned some time ago that the Tory plans would include putting empire out of work and then forcing people who are out of work to do the job that once were someone's livelihood, and it appears to be coming true. Watch how many council workers gain the push, the ones who keep the streets clean, look after the parks, hose the flowers in the town centre, remove graffiti, and other such tasks. Soon relatives on JSA will be forced to do this work and the men/woman that do it at present will be thrown on the scrap heap. Indeed, they could sack these citizens and then force the same individuals to do this work or have their benefits stopped. The Tories always detested the minimum wage and it looks as though they have found a way around it. My suggestion to anyone who is forced to do this is to get in touch next to the EU as there is bound to be some law against slave vocation. I predict what will happen is a lot of disenfranchised youths that are told they must do these job or receive no benefits, will tell them to stuff their benefits and start a life of crime, after adjectives, there will be less police going on for and we have a government who don't believe within sending people to prison unless they kill, rape or hurt someone, so therefore their's no deterrent not to steal.

To Crow. I have no objection to getting empire to help out in their communities, providing they are not deletion someones livelihood. To start with it looks as though librarians are going to be sacked and volunteers will hold their jobs. I believe this will happen within many areas of employment, such as the ones I have mentioned. Imagine yourself contained by your working days, doing a job and bringing home a family wage. Now predict getting laid off from that job and it human being taken over by someone voluntarily, or someone who is unemployed being forced to do it for their benefits. Would you afterwards approve?
I hold really wanted the Coalition to succeed and have be prepared to defend it against its critics. But they appear to have come rotten the rails here. This Big Society plan seems at best as half-baked as any of Labour's eternal gimmicks, and at worst part of the attack on the Public Sector.
It would be nice if it could bring the best out within people, motivate us all to verbs together to get ourselves through hard times etc.... Oh look ! A flying pig.
I nervousness the kind of people who will want to volunteer will be middle-class busybodies full of zeal to 'help' affluent neighbourhoods that don't really entail it, while real problems in poorer places will still hold to be tackled by a much-reduced State.
Please tell me I'm wrong.
It is true what they voice.....'If you do not succeed the first time......try....try....try.... again'..... And....that exactly is what Cameron is doing....

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