Would this be a suitable redeployment to devolution that would increase regional equality and fade bureaucracy?

* Construct Parliaments in English regions and Cornwall (obviously England is far larger than the rest of the UK so it will be needed to be split up into the
* MP's sitting at newly created Parliaments will be the existing MP's from constituencies surrounded by each region.
* Delay elections to the Scottish and Welsh Assemblies until the next common election.
* Same method of MP's in regions to sit at Assemblies to be implement in Scotland and Wales.
* Budgets will be dispersed according to population.
* All Assemblies will be able to ebb and flow the income tax, VAT and corporation tax by a spot on amount (not an expert so I shall not guess) though will have to make it up for contained by spending cuts
* Assemblies will be able to change the voting system by a referendum.
* Scotland will get hold of all of the profits from its oil.
* All assemblies will know how to adjust the minimum wage.
* All assemblies shall also have all of the powers that exist contained by the Scottish Parliament (Wales shall get its powers upgraded too)

Think any of this is sensible?
Any other powers they should have?
Your suggestion would denote even more politicians getting their snouts in the trough. We need smaller amount government, not more. Why should the Scots get adjectives the profits from the oil? They didn't pay for the nouns and infrastructure.
Thinking about it I think its a remarkably sensible and sound Idea, though I recon that our parasite parliament would fear its simplicity and affability because there is no way, from that, to syphon rotten money into areas that the public would disagree with. all the collective budgets, IE: armour, foreign aid etc, would have to be agreed openly between them adjectives. MPs would hate it.....no room for embezzlement and underneath the table deals, no shoving hidden taxes when you come down to it country in order to pass out some hidden agenda like world affairs of state etc.....I think your Idea would be good for honest honourable individuals. Bad for filthy MPs. they would have to learn to steal from a total new perspective.
I think that this sounds approaching a sensible idea, although it is highly Unlikely to appear. The biggest problem about devolution to this extent would mean that the countries of the UK would no longer get the impression part of a union, but a bit different states like America. I wouldn't agree about delay Scottish and Welsh Assemblies until the next election because, speaking as a citizen of Scotland, we don't really want the SNP to hold on to power any longer than they own to (although that's another arguement). I do agree that this is a good theoretical solution, but practically wouldn't work, would be too expensive to implement, and would probably put together for more bureaucracy rather than less.

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