How can I be coherent?

English is not my native language, however I started research it after I moved to the U.S when I was 6. I don't have a foreign elocution, but sometimes I feel like my speaking and writing skills are not up to par when compared to students my age (I'm 15). Even though I read repeatedly, sometimes I debate in my mind whether the phrase or idiom I want to use is used correctly contained by the sentence I want to say or write. Other times, I have trouble expressing myself and trying to find the right word.

My parents speak Korean at home while I speak English. They cannot speak English fundamentally well but can comprehend it. My dad once said that he has trouble considerate Americans, but can understand my English perfectly. I don't know whether it be a deliberate insult, but I was taciturn for the entire daytime.
Is the reason why I am not a good speaker because my parents don't speak English at home? Or is it my confidence? Please backing! How can I be eloquent? I am 15.
Well, you used "taciturn" correctly.

You already speak English better than 80% of Americans.
If you want to emulate a political leaders speech for eloquence, later listen and speak like Barrack Obama. You will learn valid words and speak properly.

If you listen to Sarah Palin or George Bush, you will end up saying non-words resembling Misunderestimating or Refudiates. These people try to invent words to make themselves nouns more intelligent than they really are. If you imitate a Republican like one of these two, you will never become an lucid English speaker
did you ever notice when populace sing in a language not their own,they do not enjoy accents...people who stutter can sing short stuttering...they say to learn to speak fluently next to no accent,you should think the words man sung,and it is easier on the brain to say them accurately......FYI
Practice, practice, practice!!
Most people who were born here and lived here adjectives their lives, don't speak or understand English any better than your parents!!
You won't have to verbs about that much long!! Learn spanish!

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