Finland Air Force Hawks?

Finland has 65 Hawks in their Air Force how several of them are for training and how many are for combat?
Finland ordered 50 BAE Hawk T.Mk 51 in 1980 followed by 7 Mk.51A attrition replacements surrounded by 1993. Pilot training consists of 90 hours on the L-70 Vinka followed by 30 hours on the Hawk simulator, then a minimum of 110 hours advanced flight training on the Hawk. Pilots assigned to the combat wings consequently get 100 more hours of weapons and nouns combat training on the Hawk before being posted to a F/A-18 section.

Besides those Hawk's assigned to the Air Academy the 3rd Flight in each running (F/A-18) wing is equipped with Hawk's which have a peacetime role of continuation training and helping pilots protract their required annual flight hours. These aircraft could be armed for combat duty as they have Saab gunsights and 5 weapons pylons but are not counted as combat aircraft lower than the terms of the Paris Treaty and not assigned a combat role in peacetime. The Tukilentolaivue (Air Support Squadron) operate Hawk's fitted with Vinton camera pods taken from the retired MiG-21's and Fokker F.27's for the photo-recce role.

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