How would my mother receive power of attorney?

This is on my parents behalf and I am just asking to get a broad idea. My father had a frightened breakdown last year and has be in a bad mental state since. He is irrational and unreceptive to most things. No concern how many times my mother goes over the nouns with him he still does not accept that we are financially stable. He is conversation about selling our assets off, when you listen to what he list as things that are wrong with the house for example it is not the words of a mentally stable person.
The other hours of daylight he rang someone with regard to selling one of our cars, both cars are fine and run perfectly fine. Basically what would my mum have to do to grasp something like power of attorney to stop my dad having any control beside regards to money or our assets?
If your father is no longer receptive, you can not require him to execute a power of attorney, the best entry to do is go to court and file a petition for guardianship on behalf of your father and your mother be appointed as his ward. That is the lone legal thing to do so that your mother can be in charge of their properties Source(s): Civil Code and the Rules of Court my parents went through something similar with my Gran. She keep going to pay things at the bank when they obtain done by direct debit, things like that.

they had to attain Doctors to sign something saying that she wasn't metal capable and naming the creature who is to have power, that then go to the solicitors and then the bank, stating that she isnt to hold control of the assets.

Tell your mum, to speak to your dads doctor and contact a solicitor or the citizens advice they might have the name of all the paper work( they adjectives have numbers)

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