How to stop racist nationalist contained by Europe and USA?

They are getting bigger. For Immigrants we are many we will fight for freedom to live here. USA have tea party and Europe has abundant froups like Jobbik,BNP,FN,Swiss people's Party, Freedom Party etc.They want immigrant out but we wont leave this is our countrys in a minute.
its not your country , your country is where you were born ,
Well, I think tons of the answers point to the problem. Whilst they are a minority, there are a lot of bigoted, insular and (to be fair) frightened population. They will vote for fringe racist organizations because they feel threatened and initimidated and believe they are losing jobs, homes, tax dollars etc to immmigrants.

Of course most countries NEED immigrant. To keep the economy growing. To do job other people don't want to do. To bring young relatives into aging populations to pay taxes. To provide diversity, and all the business and cultural benefits that brings.

Immigrants also entail to adapt to their new homes. They are guests, at smallest for a generation, and need ot show a pride within their new home. Sometimes indigenous people get the impression newcomers still have too significant a stake in their old countries. Understandable, possibly, but it makes people timid and worry about integration and lead to polarisation.

Of course all of us ultimately are of immigrant stock. The USA was founded by immigrant and built by generations of them. Europe saw huge population movements in the first millenium that finances few people in the continent can truly claim to be indigenous. Ultimately the racist will fail because too many of us are internationalists, through birth, marriage ceremony, kinship, friends, workmates and icons. And we are growing.
You sound like Adolf Hitler. Source(s):… "They are getting bigger." - What is your issue here, racism or tubbiness?

Seriously though, racism happens all over the world. In the west we believe contained by freedom of speech and draw the line when freedom of speech becomes preaching meanness. Maybe there are circumstances where these party cross the line and they must and should be held accountable to their appointments.

However, we will not be banning these organisations, we do not believe in fascism. It's ironic that you believe surrounded by racism against others to protect you from what you fear as racism against you. Go troll elsewhere.
Nationalist often come nearly when times are bad, it is really a natural process see in small tribes when the food is short they turn on neighbouring tribes. This is exactly why typical germans turned on minorities before ww2, it can happen anywhere. The single thing that will stop nationalist from rising is if the economic crisis comes to an closing stages. If it does not it will result in more an more nazi like groups growing.
Keep the medium spotlight on them.

They will cry media bias but, like adjectives cockroaches they will scatter when the lights are turned on...
Are you confused? The Tea Party movement in the USA is not something like racism, it's about taking back our command and making those in office listen. Dont close to democracy? STAY AWAY. I cant speak for other parties of other countries, but you CLEARLY have no notion what you are talking about when it comes to the US. People contained by the US dont want immigrants out, we want ILLEGAL immigrants out. There is fairly a difference there. We want people to come within and assimilate.... speak our language, pay taxes, conform the law, etc. I've never understood why race come to the US and live as they did in their home country...clearly something was wrong within so dont make it my problem. I was here first. But comments resembling "we wont leave this is our countrys now" do not help your argument. Americans will do ANYTHING to shield our laws, our land, and our Constitution. Be discreet how you phrase things, Emilio.
Agreed, there are some moderately bad racits groups acros Europe and USA, however you ned to remember that they do not represent the entire population. A lot of the problem comes when immigrants assume that everyone is racist base on the actions of a minority.
And to be fair, its one article to say "its our country now" (I presume you meant to attach the word "too") but it's ours as well.
i don't thoroughness who or what you are as long as you are here legally black, white , yellow ,red you are more than make the acquaintance of but the people that come here illegal raison d`être so much problems, it drained our system in case you haven't notice.
To be sung to the tune of Postman Pat;

Nasty Nick, Nasty Nick – your right-wing views, they make us sick
Inciting cultural hatred
Your ego’s so inflated
I’d like to poke your one remaining eye

The BNP, BNP – your national slurs just aren’t for me
You hate Asians, gays or Belgians
You enunciate there’s no black Welshmen
Pit workers in Glamorgan don’t agree

Everybody knows you wear your sister’s clothes
All protestors smile as they hang around to egg you
Lately, you can never be sure if there’s knocks… rings… skinheads at your door

National Front, National Front – it won’t be hard to make this scan
The Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus
Will never share contained by your views
And I’ve heard the Jews are not your biggest fan

Nazi Nick, Nazi Nick – on ‘Question Time’ you weren’t so slick
You claimed they were a ‘lynch mob’ But the crap that came from your gob
Just proved you are a total chuffing… wazzock
whites should live surrounded by Europe and the USA!
Blacks in Africa!
yellow surrounded by Asia!
because the nature of feeling have been - if violated this law, racism is inevitable!
I don't agree with the parties but i do believe within free speech, if they want to be a political party that is lawful then they have the right to put contained by place there policies that they believe in.
You can fight for your freedom but if you don't own papers, your as$ is going home. Source(s): >>Thought I'd reiterate Is it too much to ask for you to speak correct English?
at the close of the day your an IMMIGRANT.. the indigous have a right and a enunciate wether they want you in the nation or NOT.. getting rid of a right wing group of people will for sure cancel out any backup if immigration goes wrong.

There not your countries.. they never be your a GUEST in a host nation.

There is nothing wrong near the indigous wanting to keep their country the way it started out to be.

If your going to argument youl be doing it against the majority voters and possible the governments army...

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