Isn't the full Europe caught by Islamophobia?

Considering that its impossible for a christian to live in 90% of the islamic world and feel comfortable doing so, and within some places it is forbidden.

I think Christianphobia is the real problem within the arab world.

Why can't a Christian church be built in many muslim countries?

What are you afraid of?

Admit it, Europe and the west are the plain societies valuing puralism, its the childish impish muslims that live their entire life contained by "fear" of the christians, and the "jews", oh my, that not only frightens them, it makes Muslims insane beside fear.
The definition of phobia is 'an irrational fear of something'....There is nil irrational about fearing Islam. It is a detestation fuelled cult that carries violence and suppression where ever it goes. There isn't a single Islamic dominated country around the world that is to say at peace. either with the surrounding,non Islamic those, or indeed within its self. Islam has proved to be a nightmare surrounded by Europe. The inclusion of Islam into Europe on the scale that the EU has allowed, will prove Europes downfall....It have already started the slow destruction of Britain. Already wrecked Holland. Islam is like a social cancer, it spreads and grows until it devours all around it. Islam will not adopt the modern world and seems to be trying to drag us all stern to the 12th century. Eventually the problem will have to be faced. I doubt that the cowardly western leaders that started this nightmare enjoy the stomach to repair the damage they have done. I instinctively think that it will all extension in terrible antagonism.
No it is not. Islam is as a result of a false prophet who misunderstood the issues and has and is leading abundant to eternal damnation

Yes, Islamophobia is widespread within Europe, just like anti-semitism if rife surrounded by many parts of the Muslim world, but most people surrounded by Europe are not extremists. Source(s):… i would disagree - France is now 10% muslim and I am not comfortable with this at adjectives. I am a Christian, not a good one but all duplicate I don't want to live in a country that is chiefly Muslim I want to protect my parents religion because I was brought up by it and it is my culture.
A phobia is an irrational fear, seeing how a lot of associates concerned with islam have earnest fears then that disproves the idea of islamaphobia. So no Europe isn't slowed down in islamaphobia, there is a wide seated mistrust of muslims after 9/11 and 7/7 and all the other terrorist attacks carried out by muslims even on their own people. As far as i precision it only takes one ******** near a grudge whatever that is to detonate a bomb contained by a crowded area. I don't hate muslims, i merely don't trust them and i'm certainly not afraid of them.
Fearing terrorists should not be consider phobic.
Its just adjectives sense.
When you know a bunch of costume wearing weirdo's are more likely to try to blow you up than anyone else in the world, it make sense to avoid them and try to stop their evil deeds.
No. In fact, I regard as they are not any where essential taking the issue seriously enough.

Simply because there are some small political groups who do make out the problems does not mean the whole of Europe is suddenly head in such a direction.
Islam is evil.

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