Who's the better man, the soldier that took a vivacity,or the doctor that save one?

Gonna leave this space free, and can't wait for the military responses.
I'd vote the doctor, but I don't agree with soldiers anyway, they never ask why they're killing individuals, they just do it.
It depends on the circumstances of both. IE: If the doctor save the life of a murdering paedophile that had be caught with your child, and the soldier had shot?.....Who would you influence was the best man then?.you obligation to be more specific. No one can make a judgement on that question. and if this is purely you having a pot at our armed forces,Well wait until your squealing at the shutting of an Islamic knife.....You'd be kind of pleading for a soldier to come and save your sorry scared (a)rse later wouldn't you......same as you'd be begging for a doctor to save your (a)rse if you be sic.....You need to grow up mate. Both men have a assignment to do. its not a question of Who's the best man.....
They're both simply doing what they are paid to do.
Both are equally needed and important. Also, just because they are both dealing next to people's lives doesn't mean that are great, everyone has like peas in a pod value, the person that collects your rubbish, teach children in school, cleans hotel rooms etc.
What about the simplistic idiot that buried nothing at all, have a fixation on the military (probably homophobic) and just tried to blame somebody (anybody) else for the misfortunes of the world.

Going off of the track that you phrased your question: the doctor. It's better to save a existence than to take it. But in a different scenario, close to the soldiers that killed Nazis to free the Jews... your question is only just too broad.
I don't know, both?
The soldier is at more risk as it's any be killed or kill surrounded by alot of situations.

How can you not agree with soldiers, or maybe you considered necessary to be German?
It depends on who they are helping close to if the soldier (this is just an example) but if the soldier was a nazi and be killing an ali then he is doing wrong but if it be the other way about (ally butchery nazi) then he would be doing right as he is killing for GOOD
Military response
Depends upon which side they are on.
Does anyone else smell a troll? Source(s): Me It adjectives depends in what context, you cannot ask such a open grill and get meaningful answers lacking there being some form of context to your interview, the soldier taking a life may also be saving lives by massacre someone.
The doctor on the other hand could saving the duration of a monster.

Like many things in energy this is not black and white question, but just shades of grey.
They were both doing their job. Based on the set information that you provided, there is no way to adjudicate either man better than the other.

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