How long do you estimate it will be until that time the tory command messes up the country for the working class?

And by that i mean people who do work and work rock-hard on a low wage whilst trying to keep a family. Thanks.
It started the second they get into power my friend. We're doomed.
They have already started. You can be sure of one thing. When a Tory say that the load is going to be evenly spread and it is going to hurt everyone equally they mean exactly that. The poor, who can't afford it, are going to compensate exactly the same as the rich, who could afford more but won't pay.

They enjoy already imposed a pay freeze on the public sector, which includes people doing some of the most essential job for some of the lowest wages. Source(s): NHS Scientist. If you take into account the total length of the ultimate Tory government's from 1979 to the present day, the working class's have be shafted for over 40 years, as the last Labour government also did subsequent to bugger all to help the working class empire of this country.

I've come to the conclusion that if your working class, work hard and are on a low wage, your fuked I'm afraid, no-one wants to know, not even Labour any more, oh the working class still delude themselves into thinking that Labour still represents them, but the stark truth is,,, they don't not an iota more.

Your on your own I'm afraid and have been for over forty uncommon years.
They did, 30 uncharacteristic years ago when Thatcher came to power.
We still haven't recovered from the last Tory Govt - no social housing 'cos it was virtually adjectives sold off meaning our already overcrowded Isle is very soon nothing more than a massive housing estate, no decent transport infrastructure - 'cos it be deregulated to make profit, the greed is good and egocentric culture has never been halt after Thatcherism - eg bankers bonuses at the expense of the workers. Problem is - New Labour turned its back on the working class - result, numerous idiotic law and a totalitarian nanny state where a parent can't even allow their own children to cycle to school lacking fear of prosecution and where criminals and 'some' immigrant have more rights than UK nationals due to their use of the public purse to keep them. This country is a cesspit and I don't want to turn into an intolerant person - but............... Source(s): Personal rant Really? You think chore was doing a good mission? We were down the pan long beforehand a change in command.

As far as I can see it the coalition can only bring us up- we can't go much further down. I'm really hoping the Torrie's and Lib Dem's will in reality listen to each other as then we can enjoy more of a mix between labour and tories than we've ever had before- and harmonize is they key I think. Both enjoy good policies but meeting surrounded by the middle is how it will work best.

Oh and to those moaning about how they're hurting the country with public sector salary freezes for those earning more that lb25000- boo hoo I work for half that I haven't have a pay rise for two years due to the economy. Public sector workers should hold to live in the real world only just like everybody else!
Do you honestly think Labours policy of mass unregulated immigration did anything but suppress the working classes wages?
They've started ******* things up already. It's going to be Thatcher all over again :( Source(s): I expect you will find although the cuts have already started you will not feel the full impact from the Cut's around the country until around October 2010 - hope this answers you put somebody through the mill.
Dumb single mother request for information
Isn't this a retrospective question? And it's a coalition!
With loony Labour leaving a debt of lb200,000 per household within the UK, led by the Worlds fiscal saviour, Gordon (its not my defect )Brown and his entourage of incompetent money grabbing, greedy, selfish "socialists", I would utter the Nation was well and truly wrecked until that time the coalition came on the scene. Give them time.

Supporting Labour is and indictment of your own intelligence!
What do you mean how long?,it`s already started.
Sorry to tell you dear but the country was already messed up. Now the Tories and Libdem coalition are going to mess it up even more if explicitly possible. Our politicians and government own the working class. The working class vote and they vote the same lying, incompetent, bomb of a party from one of the 3 main party in to office respectively time there is an election. You don't see any of the politicians or bankers paying the debt they brought on us do you? No! When they go wrong they list it as the nations debt which they bring on adjectives of us. Myself I think the bankers and all the work politicians who were in bureau should gather together all politicians and their cronies, no thing the party, and let them adjectives pay for their failures. Not you and I who have no say in what they did. That wouldn't do though would it as they would no longer know how to play high and mighty games. They might also have to afterwards work for a living.

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