Why do the People of the United States save elect People who?

The Government of the United States is elected into power to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and to address the seventeen delegated powers "given" to it by the Constitution.
Whether Politicians like it or NOT,..they pinch an oath to uphold the Constitution!

So why do the People of the United States keep electing Politicians who disregard the constitution?

Your thoughts.....
Because they're the solely ones on the ballot! With electronic voting machines, how do you write someone in? Like they used to do in the suitable old days?

Whether you like it or not, Big Business, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Media are running our governing body for us, and they are especially involved in the electoral process. It is ultimately they who decide who will appear on our ballot, not anyone else. You should be able to see it, as it is right out in front of us for adjectives to see each election season! Source(s): Try to prove me wrong! Why would the average American consideration if they thought Congress was exceeding its Commerce Clause authority? It would only thing if they agreed with the law on a policy reason (is this law good for me, for citizens like me, good for individuals I know).

I'm not stating my view. I'm only axiom that I think most Americans see the issue as an academic debate.
The public "schools" have brainwashed the public into thinking that we are TRAPPED in a "two party" system and that we can ONLY elect a Democrat or Republican.
By instrument of the "two party" system, the elections are RIGGED in that we can only procure one of the "mainstream" candidates .. not only that, but the Media plays a quantity also, if you can't get media coverage, you can't take elected.... AMERICA is in deep do-do!
Ah, Dear Gandhi,

If by the "seventeen delegate powers," you're referring to Article 1/Section 8, you're forgetting the 18th grant of power found in the adjectives important Elastic Clause found at the end. Supreme Courts from 1819 onwards (McCulloch v. Maryland) enjoy found that this clause grants to Congress vast implied powers.

EDIT: I thought I did answer the examine... My point is, the Constitution is very much like the Bible, it's written within such a vague manner that it's widen to a great many interpretations. We all own our views as to what various passage mean, but is there anyone who can utter definitively "MY interpretation is the ONLY valid interpretation?" Yes, indeed, there are such people, and they are fanatic.

I know that you profess a deep and sincere loathing of authoritarianism, as do I. I have expert disdain for people who attempt to jam their religious view down my throat and say that if I don't believe what they believe I'm somehow doomed; and I would hope that you share this sentiment.

Likewise, I maintain that nearby are many and varied interpretations of the Constitution as all right. Obviously, I don't agree with them all; but that doesn't plan these people are disregarding the Constitution, they're regarding the Constitution as they interpret it. And unless the Supreme Court say otherwise, I can dislike what they're doing all I want, but that doesn't make them enemy of Constitutional government in my eyes, it simply make them boneheads.

A virtuous start towards the reason of our more recent ignorance, is looking at the League of Women Voters. When the League stopped hosting the presidential debates, the Democrats & Republicans teamed up to create the presidential debate commission to stage question, answers, and to lock out other parties.

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