What do you suggest I do going on for this police officer?

I was trying to walk through the park today but I saw a police officer at the entrance. When I tried to amble inside he said "Don't ever come around here - we don't wanna see your face so you'd better disappear." His words were really clear and it be almost like his eyes were packed with fire. Am I ever going to get to pace in the park again?
I think you've have an encounter with Michael Jackson, in a policeman's uniform - he other did like dressing up so that figures. If you'd hung around a bit longer he'd undoubtedly enjoy told you to "beat it, just pounding it". Anyway, how did he seem? As scary as ever? He really ought to consider some cosmetic surgery I reckon. Source(s): MyLyrics.com Good point you didn't run into Weird Al, or you might've been told,
How come you're always such a fussy young-looking man
Don't want no Captain Crunch, don't want no Raisin Bran
Well, don't you know that other kids are starving in Japan
So drink it! Source(s): Weird Al Yankovic that's not a threat, those a lyrics form michael jackson's song "beat it". i doubt that guy was a police officer or even sane if he's singing/saying michael jackson lyrics to a complete stranger
No. You don't obtain to walk in the park again. If a police officer tell you that you can't be there, then you aren't allowed contained by that park. He probably has reasons for keeping you out of that park, but he can't bring up to date you about them because of security concerns.

Don't similar to it? Then either go to another park, or don't do doesn`t matter what it is that got you banned from the park contained by the first place.
Tell mommy.

In reading your past question, you are a drama queen

You worry about wearing pajamas near footie's in them (You asked that 6 or 7 times)

You worry because your mom made you move about to bed at 7:30

You wanted to know what to do because your weekend was ruined

You needed to know if you should stay in or go out

You considered necessary to know if wearing short skirts would make you look bad

And your index of melodrama questions go on and on. You nouns like you are 13 or 14 years old?

I am not biting on your give somebody the third degree, you like the drama involved too much
Grow up and don't be so silly
Write to the duty officer at your local police station, set out what happen and ask why you were refused right of entry to the park.
Tell that pig to run to the station, drop trou & beat it.
sounds like you need to nickname the polic-

oh wait nevermind :(
That must be a cop acting out what he does best .. Assert his authority on minor things like the park entrance and traffic tickets and all the while they are dealing drugs and prostitution and robbery and bloodshed each other in the hood next to guns they stole from honest people .. but wait it would purloin balls to go down at hand and do anything but we don't have cops with ball in this country all we enjoy is wimps that deal with mostly honest relations and make their lives miserable..
What the hell is wrong with cops at the moment? I can not believe he said that to you just out of nowhere!! I would ignore him, and show my frontage around the park as often as I felt similar to it! I have come to realize that many police officer have anger issues and the anger becomes misdirected towards us, the public. Therefore, they bust your ball for no apparent reason, other consequently their own selfish, ridiculous reasons!

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