Would you vote the British are alot resembling the Germans Culturally socially etc?

the love for Beer footballetc

my Grandad said the reason we always own trouble fighting the Germans was because they where on earth alot like us

the two world wars and football may hold us hating each other but i muse despute that we probably have got alot within common
They can both rock Source(s): Frenchmen, who can not perhaps, but we don't share alike sense of humour, try showing Dad's Army to the Germans and see what they think......
The British and the Germans own always had closely in common. Don't forget that thousands of German boys be studying in Britain just beforehand both wars, and thousands of British boys were studying contained by Germany....My father and hes brother Jack among then. The actually used to volunteer to verbs German factory machines after collage during the start of Hitlers reign. As all young students did.once time of war looked imminent every one had to return to their artistic country's.
including shared blood...the british royal family is more german than british
Both the English and the Germans share the same ethnic branch just close to how the Russians and Serbs are both part of the Slavic ethnic branch. The English, Germans, Dutch, Swedes, Danish, etc. all drip under the Germanic ethnic branch. There are bound to be significant similarities.
Two very poweful nations.

It be Hitlar who ruined germany not so much the people as for today its a kool thing We Brits and germans can screech together.

For example.. you started it.. XD..

I have one or two german friends weve spoken of the war and how it turned out or could of.

and i don't see us to differant other next the brits are lazy, and expect a high standard up to scrath on everything close to services food, and general living.

The germans arent to bothered but tehy work hard for it two great nation.
I agree they are / we are

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