|Have you see how a uniform changes/empowers a man/woman for what accurate?

A nobody in a uniform is still a nobody but more dangerous and on behalf of the state.

How does this uniform contribute these nobodys any more respect than they should not deserve?

Beats me, and they're all around sorting out us normal folks whilst we hold only uniform thoughts and contempt for them.
I had to go my job at McDonalds for that same reason. Even though the uniform I be given had previously been used by someone who have poor personal hygiene and was several sizes larger than me (the trousers didn't stay up without constant intervention), in recent times wearing the uniform went to my head. I have to quit: I hated the mean power-crazed tyrant that I become pulling on those stained shapeless badges of authority.
It is hard to respect those who dont respect you.
If they hold decided they want to make the place they live surrounded by better, fight crime, extinguish fires, save lives etc next it doesnt matter what they wear its how they are recognised.
You can walk down the street and someone could be doing indistinguishable job but just a fickle person - a young boy helping a female who is mugged, an old woman helping save anothers enthusiasm - they all deserve respect.
You shouldnt look at anyone differently due to how you have be treated.. in respect
Like all public servants they are widespread people too, but trained when on duty to represent a particular organ of the state. It is the statute or whatever that merits respect from all involved. Frankly you come across to have a chip on your shoulder. Are you sure that your behaviour have not given reason for them to take an interest surrounded by you? If so look to the mirror to find the cause of your dissatisfaction.

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