I saw a police man hitting a man comfort?

Saturday night me and some friends went out. When we get to the place outside in the queue a police man was hitting a man repeatedley while the other officer be shouting get off of him. I be going to get a badge number but be told not to and had , had rather to drink. Should i still report it? will anything happen? I feel as though in attendance is a point but i didnt get a badge number and adjectives the police will stick together wont they? The man was also very drunk and he fell on the floor after the 'attack' and afterwards the officer cuffed him.. hard.
defninitely report it. that copper needs to be stopped before he does it to anyone else!
you enjoy already admitted you was drunk..................so did you see the start of the in one piece thing or did you JUST see the hitting part...........
You didn't see the unbroken episode. You didn't see whether the scumbag had hit the police officer, or anything else that the scumbag did to deserve the beating. If the guy be very drunk, then he probably deserved the trouncing, just for being here.
You must always bring back the badge number without it you are wasting your time. It would probably be swept below the carpet even if you did have the prize number as we live in a police state but it is always worth reporting but engender sure you have at least two witnesses.

*Police hold shot 30 innocent people dead since 1992 and no officer have been successfully prosecuted.
1,100 deaths contained by police custody since 1992 and no successful prosecutions.
Police Shoot to Kill policy now in force; criminal under British common statute, OK under EU corpus juris. Source(s): http://www.eutruth.org.uk/50reasonseu.ht… You were intoxicated and one and only saw part of the ordeal. You don't know if the guy hit the cop first or if he had a weapon or any number of things to maintain it. The guy who got arrested probably got a advocate already and claimed police brutality like everyone does, despite if it happened or not.
Looks close to you misinterpreted that one, too, as well as the dog you saw being "beaten".

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