I don't know what to do beside my go,i hold a kid and and poor perspective.Should i marry the armada?

I like the military cuz my husband was here.I would like to join it because i will own a stable job,benefits and i always see me within there,but the only entity is my family dont support me n im 29 years old...
Your a bit old to associate, and you may need to get a waiver. Also, what is your kid gonna do? Will your husband study him?

You don't state what country you live contained by. If it is the UK, then I'm afraid you have already hit the upper age time limit for joining the military. You can, however join the reserve forces. Source(s): Personal experience - ex regular soldier. Its your life and at your age you are frail enough to make your own decision you will get a trade and education free surrounded by the forces plus a chance to see how others live . You could do much worse
Hm I disagree with the first answer, you're not too old. But trade name your decision carefully, because while within the military, you will need some one to watch your child while you are away for drill or deployment etc. If your husband is surrounded by the military it might be difficult for you two to watch him. If he is active duty, you should hold a lot of benefits just because you are married to him. If not, consider conceivably the national guard or reserve. Just think about it some more though, because self in the military is different than other jobs. You will be required to do more things.

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