Who be on the blink, me or him?

My neighbour called me fat, so contained by response I ripped every radiator off his wall inside his house and smashed them on the floor. I then ripped his roof apart and set fire to it. And I consequently rolled a boulder at his house and smashed one of his walls to pieces.
Who was out of order? I estimate he was; he did provoke me.
He didn't have the right to call you large, but considering the fact that you did some considerable material damages I would say aloud you over reacted and he is probably going to sue you for property distruction.
Calling someone "fat" is not provocation it is "opinion" - everyone's entitled to it but the way they express it can motivation distress to others if they don't happen to share the same feelings especially about body mass.

Causing criminal damage contained by that manner was not the appropriate response to mortal called "fat" - sorry but you are out of order and his comment did not warrant the destruction of his house.

You're lucky he isn't suing you for criminal injure and compensation.
He be. I think you showed to much restraint.
I suspect you would not have these anger-management issues if you weren't reasonably so tubby : )

Why didn't you just roll youself into the house?

Save yourself the effort.
Enmity is a grey area in the law, but as long as you were reasonable and didn't kill him and his entire family i imagine you were in the right and the neighbour be well out of order, zilch beats a good antediluvian fashioned blood feud between neighbours.
You were - Lard (a)rse.
Is this troll day?
You were, grow up. (lose some immensity too.)
You be. Property distruction is illegal, name-calling is not.
You were, fatty.

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