Why Would BP Photoshop Its Crisis Command Center?

BP's public image problems took a turn for the weirder on Monday, with AMERICAblog's John Aravosis exposing a poorly doctored photo of the company's crisis command center contained by Houston that had been posted to the endorsed crisis response website. The company has now come verbs (sort of) to The Washington Post -- claiming this morning that it was the photographer who snapped the image who be responsible for inserting three extra video screens into a bank of monitors. It still remains dim, though, precisely why the alterations were even made in the first place.

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Your thoughts?
Because the inventive photo had three blank video screens, and it be boring.

They just filled surrounded by some blank video screens with copies of the other screen in the picture.

Whoop dee doo.
we live in a world of vision.

nothing is what we think it is, everything is or have been manipulated.

BP are one of oodles who know they are playing in a rigged game, and when players play surrounded by a rigged game, they sometimes get cocky,....and take home mistakes, and so get found out.

this is what that is.
individuals are actually defending bp in their answers by the sounds of these posts.

But hay doctor any evidence and surrounded by any court of law it then become inadmissible as a result of tampering with the evidence and this beg the question

What else has bp or even the establishment been doctoring?
It appears to be a non-issue.
It serves no political purpose and BP itself seems to enjoy no involvement in the alterations.
oh my god you're right actual proof BP are out to destroy the world :D Source(s): the god of BP is profit not mankind

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