Business investigation by police, what to do UK?

Hi, can anyone help me, my partner runs his own business from home and thats the only income we own, we had the police yesterday with a warrant to turn out the property for stolen computers & consoles, which we dont have!! but they have took adjectives his work equipment and all the money in the house including the rent. Is nearby anything we can do to get money until he gets his work stuff support?
You need a solicitor, I know someonewho had a similar experience, they confiscated adjectives of his work resources and froze all of his business and personal accounts including credit cards, luckily for him his wife had her own report that was free to cover the bills. Although he had done nil wrong it still took 3 months and abot lb5000 to sort out.
You could try the DWP but the Police must have had moral reason to take the money and equipment.
Find a local tenet centre that will give guidance free / pro bono. In london I would suggest Toynbee Hall but the local CAB will be able to help.

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