What give government and police the right to lock up a human self?

I mean think going on for it, yes some of the people in prison are crazy. However, don't you assume it's wrong that people can just be locked up, sometimes forever?? We're adjectives equal humans afterall .
Ask yourself this my friend: what give people the right to rape and murder their fellow human beings? you may be okay with a sociopath contained by your neighborhood but i am not.
In this country, people are never "basically locked up". Nor is it the government or the police who, decide who is locked up, or for how long: it is the Courts and the canon. Criminals have a fair trial, up to that time a jury drawn from the community in which they live. Only the most heinous and dangerous criminals are impart a "whole life" term. As to the rightness or wrongness of confinement - what is the alternative? What do you propose should be done with people who break the canon and harm their community?

Equality does not mean that citizens can do whatever they please. It is not true to say that adjectives people are equal - is a murderer equal to a surgeon? Of course not. People are equal in that they are adjectives humans. At present, society recognises that there is a minimum standard which applies equally to all humans, broadly call "human rights". There is nothing in this concept to excuse criminals of their crimes or prevent their freshly punishment.
The law.
If you're a criminal, depriving others of their legal rights, then you should expect to forfeit some of your own. It would be no exaggeration to say that the immense majority of criminals know their actions are wrong before they commit them. They're trash, pure and simple.
It's simple some people ruminate they can steal, abuse others & kill - that does not brand them equal to humans.

To some extent I like the old Nordic ways, if someone breaks the regulation then are outside the laws of society & hold no rights under societies laws. (that they chose to break)

I assume you are joyous with murderers & their 'rights' to murder innocents?
Tell your theory to a father who just watch his wife and daughter get raped and killed. I am sure he will have delusions your way, and he may even want to go to a prison and check out a rapist for the hours of daylight for a little wine and dinner and maybe bring in a play afterwords
We the people give them the right to lock up some relatives, and no we're not all equal humans after all. Would treat a Stalin, Hitler or Mao as an equal to Mother Teresa, Churchill, Regan etc....
equal humans!! Ok so why are some people crazy as you say. No single being is the same, nor is the value of respect ever matching. Ok instance, last yr my dad, a publican, finishing up, asked a group of 4, 2 lads, 2 females, if they wudn.t mind lowering voices as he have neighbours 2 consider. Given the time of 1.15, not unreasonable! He was hospitalised for his trouble!! At court learnt he'd 3 priors, and 2 further in anticipation of assaults. Are you to say he deserves to be treated equal!! No, society decides they shud b locked up, but our equality is allowing this lad still to roam the streets. Hope you don.t meet him!!

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