What is/was the world's mightiest army for their time?

The Soviet Union's Red Army - post November 1942 following the dispute of Stalingrad and the largest tank battle within history in the summer of 1943 at 'Kursk'.
Id say it was the US Army contained by 1945

In 1945, the US army literally could have conquered the entire world

Only the Soviet Army stood in the road, but since the US provided most of the Soviet Army's logistic support and equipment, the Soviet Army would not have had the faculty to wage war effectively against the US for more than a couple of months.

Im not knocking the Soviet Army, but short beans, bullets and oil, an Army cannot function, and the US supplied the beans , bullets and oil to the Soviet Army.
The Soviet Union. It was so massive that even after WWII where they lost millions war Germans and Japanese, it was still able to out man the intact NATO force 5 to 1.
Although the British be the best at the Dawn of Modern Warfare and conquered more land than anyone else in history, i would utter that it was the evil Nazi's who had the best for in that time because of the amount of land they conquered in such a little. in january 1938 all germany have was Germany by 1940 they had Germany, Austria, Czech, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and have even more countries by 1942 no one has ever conquered that frequent major powers in that short of time. The Nazi's also created the mighty "Lightning Warfare" and it took the allies nearly 4 years to do what the Nazi's did surrounded by 1 so it was definitely Germany who have the best for there time
The Mongols - no doubt in the order of that Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_Empiā€¦ Toss up between...

Ghagus Kahns Army
Roman Empire
NATO Forces (Today)
the German army of ww2 must have be the mightiest of its time, it over ran most of Europe and almost invaded Britain, even when the USA joined the collide in 1941, it took another four years to defeat the Germans
There are many to chose from, but for me it would be the Spartans,
next the Romans,
the English under Henry V
the Mercians
the British army in world period of war 1 and 2
the Germans and Gauls,
the Mongols
the Samuria Armys of Japan
Alexandra the great, the list go's on
the Mongolian army

or the British army during the British empire
The Romans. they have perhaps one of the best strategies that worked for a long time one that didn't matter more or less how large the other army was surrounded by some cases.

The United States - World War I & II - need I say more?

The Russians - Alexander the Great.

The Mongolians - Genghis Khan kept his troops fairly mobile and really didn't do a solid kingdom up until he had everything he needed.
The British, during the Great Empire

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