What manner of criminal punishment do you find for underage pregnancy?

like, by law what happen?
none,you will certainly get money and as soon as they turn 16 a house
Depends where you live, here surrounded by England, girls under 16 deliberately take pregnant because the council gives them a house to live and money to support the baby. I enjoy no clue if they punished or not but in my opinion they should be.
People mocking you in the street and discussion about you behind your support.
The girl? Nothing, she gets away scot free.

18 years of child support or if you are a lib,you abort the fetus and obtain a medal from nancy pelosi...
there is nothing they can do unless the father is over sixteen sometimes they can try and class it as rape unless the human being who is pregnant says otherwise
they cut off your hands and nick your baby to the glue factory
theres no such piece as "underage" pregnancy! A girl can get pregnant, unfortunately, at anything age she wants and there's no criminal punishment for it because it's not a crime!

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