Under endorsed law, can an employer ask an underaged (17 year old) to provide proof of work?

So basically, I signed a contract with a drama to write just one play - it wasnt like I be employed to continue to write plays them full time. then out of nowhere they ask me for my right to work contained by England. I have an N.I number but I don't have a passport (long story) and cos my birth card is not British, it was not accepted. So presently they keep demanding for a right to work in England but my aunty's attorney said they have no right to ask and plus I'm underaged, they shouldn't ask. What do you think?
They must realise by presently that your contract is not valid and binding, as you are under age. When you are 18, you are entitled either to stick to it or to repudiate it. This puts the theatre in an awkward position, as if you didn't come up beside the goods they could take no behaviour against you. The whole thing sounds a mess.
If you own no right to work then they would commit an offence by employ you, so of course they will ask.

Check with the Borders Agency

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