To aid the end in of World peace, should any organization applicant who proposes period of war be shot?

Surely it's better to shoot a few politicians/kings/emperors/whatever they like to call themselves, to some extent than to have a war. Probably more fun to view too. This way instead of the innocent dying the guilty are killed instead. It's seem fair that those who like relatives being shot should be allowed to be shot too, I'd hate them to miss out. Do you close to this idea? Your thoughts?
The trouble is the one proposing war is the one with the gun those that appose them are the ones end up dead.
Well, world peace will probably never occur. But if nations approched it the process you said, by "shoot" that would just cause Kayouse, what they would do, but for at war with that nation, is label everyone under delta clearence. think it be an accident, like possibly this person is flying to a different country to hold a confrence with another commandant, well, mabey, that planes engines just might walk out, or the wings will break off, simply like that polish plane that went down resembling 8 months ago, with 90 top officials on it, including the president, vice president, ect.. If you ask me, that wasn't an quirk, I would bet my life that it was a set.
You Sir, are a genius. I'm so convinced, I'll right to be heard it again. You're a genius.
Shooting seems to unproblematic though. The politicians who inflict death on civillians by the hundreds of thousands (i.e Bush and Blair) deserve a more drawn out experience.

At the very lowest..hanging. I bet they lose no sleep at all realising that they are in recent times as exploitative and sadistic as Saddam was. They just happen to be raised under a different system. You could bet your house that if Bush or Blair have been born Iraqui the Kurds would still have be massacred. The only difference man the PR machines which would have justified it as mandatory.
How around the genocide criminal al-Bashir first?

"Sudan's president, who faces charges of genocide and crimes against humanity, traveled to neighboring Chad on Wednesday — the first time he has risked arrest by traveling to a branch state of the International Criminal Court."…
War is necessary.
Kill for Peace. Good bumper sticker.
Yeah, butchery to promote peace seems like a fantastic opinion. No, no matter what WE do, someone else will be fighting. Even if we pulled everyone out of Iraq and A-stan right very soon, Israel will still be fighting. Quite frankly, world peace is impossible to achieve.

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