If you bring to court your boss of a crime, shouldn't you be moved apart?

I accused my boss of corruption to his bosses. This man is still in charge of me and my craft and threatening to sack me, unless i change my attitude.
If you have legal evidence raise a formal grievance, cite bullying too - keep a diary of adjectives events. You do need at least 1/2 years employment to be covered if you whip it to Tribunal though - this is UK - so try the Govt Tribunal site or ACAS. Source(s): Finance/HR/Legal and ex Revenue Shouldn't be a grass, don't accuse someone without evidence
Hopefully you have actual proof of corruption before accusing him. If you didn't then be prepared. Also his boss(s) might be his friends, especially within a small company. Sometimes you just need to rebuff things. You do not have freedom of speech at your workplace, talk trash something like your employer and you are subject to their decisions. Good luck
This is where u save diarys of every day and what happens.

Its adjectives in a wrongful termination claim. In the diary you say the date, what happen , who was present when the incident occured.

Because in a wrongful termination claim, or when u sue for compensation for stress, those ethnic group will be called to the work tribunal.
Based on your diary , they will be questioned to that effect to certify, to be exact exactly what happened.

Keeping in mind. If u copy the diary. And fake incidents. You can be sued for defametion of character by the party you are accusing. So dont lie in the diary.

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