Just why do Labour supporters other bargain around the 80's Conservative Government?

Any question asked, a Labour supporter answers, well surrounded by the 80's Thatcher said this or that,

Example, EDIT: "Maggie Thatcher For Me" says that Labour wrecked society. In 1987, Maggie Thatcher said, in an interview, "There is no such item as society"! Now David Cameron is launching "The Big Society"!

Maybe so, but that was 1987! 23 years ago!!

We are in 2010! what is the fixation with the past!

I grew up within the 80's in total poverty but I dont hark on about it and it absolutely wasnt the Tories fault, Im staunch Tory and would never dream of supporting Labour.

Come on Reds, its over, why not concentrate on how you are going to wreck the country again in 5 years time instead of constantly going wager on to the 80's.

What will you be saying in 2080, "Remember the Tories of the 1980's!!

Get tangible, get over it and get a f*cking enthusiasm!!
Well it's their mantra although Blair and Brown immediately adopted many of Maggie's policies. You can't expect the current buch of substandard numpties scrambling for Gordon's crown to extol the virtues of the Labour Government 1997/2010 can you? All they did was repeat the failure of the Callaghan Government of the seventies plus once again leaving us mired in debt,this time up to our neck in it !
You said, "Im staunch Tory and would never dream of supporting Labour."

So, how is that any more enlightened than anyone so staunchly labour that you are hell bent on harking back to the 1980s?

I thought toil were crap too, but in my crust it's because of their policies - not because of an aversion to red rosettes.

Labour may have been cr(a)p, but I'd enjoy no problem with voting labour if they changed their policies & begin to represent my views.

(That said, their conduct in the first couple of months of human being in opposition have *not* improved my opinion of them)
The government now is only just taking off where the Tories disappeared privatise everything in sight, reclaim the country at the expense of the workers. Why did you grow up in poverty if it wasn't the governments bad habit who's fault was it??
There be mass unemployment then lately as there is going to be again.
Oh and buy the way Im not a grind voter either and I do have a existence which Im desperately trying to hold onto thanks to this great government my partner is on the verge of losing his job.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion you are just as obsessed beside being a staunch tory as they are with person staunch reds.
This country was in a mess previously the reds even got in they made another mess nows its the tory turn to engineer another mess. I think its time for a total change near are more options than 3 parties but nation tend to forget this UKIP all the way!!
In the have it in mind time calm yourself down if you carry on ranting close to this you'll be having a heart attack just delight in your life stop worrying what others think
Because Thatcherism devastated millions of jobs and she will other be remembered as a c**t.
It is getting very old - we own to deal with the mess that Labour enjoy created now. It is a very lame attempt to distract attention from what they hold done over the last 13 years. All I can say is I am overjoyed that their period in power is over.

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