Why those from England disgust to hear, theyre not a Superpower a bit small country close to lithuania or romania?

It is a fact that England's debt is large but the Government is handling it or England's towns and city's would be third world England is not a poor country because of the Scottish isles and the Fawkland islands that produce Billions a year thats why argentina is after the Fawklands so unsuccessfully. And people who have served Britain surrounded by the armed forces don't like it when people read out they are like them countries because the truth is Britain has the best trained Special Forces and infantry on the planet and any man who enjoy served in Britain's special forces will tell you the SAS (Special Air Service) Britains best train the US Navy Seals who are America's best so amount out how America has a better force
We're not a superpower, no, but we aren't helpless; it would be correct to call for us a power. When Cameron said Britain was the junior partner he was correct Britain is the junior partner contained by the cooperation with America, but Britain is not a junior partner to France (Britain's sister country), Germany, Canada, Australia etc etc. America is the only country next to a claim to the position superpower with the possible exception of China, but that remains to be seen. America is far larger than most other countries by cutback, by landmass and by population. Remember Britain is only junior to America in the partnership because it's contained by the partnership.
Why do people from America who cause all this mess feel the necessitate to act all superior when their country have more money than other western nations yet ranks in the neighbourhood the bottom for quality of life?
Lithuania/Romania ?

Do you know anything about anything - or are you so eaten-up with self-destructive bias or malevolence that even learning anything would be a total waste on you ?

No misdeed meant, of course, weak bean - we English are far too polite to upset the mentally handicapped or grossly ill-informed.

; ))
Why are half of the lithuanians and Romanians in the UK scamming benifits and selling the big issue if its so crap over here.....?? whats wrong beside staying in these places if they are so good? Source(s): adjectives sense mmm flattery wont get you a uk passport,, neither will jealousy. for adjectives its faults the UK is still one billion times better than the rock heap you live within..
I'm from England and I don't hate to hear that at adjectives. It has no impact whatsoever. I think you are confusing us next to someone else. We are a proud nation, that's as far as we'd say. We are strong when it counts. We are a nuclear power albeit not on the scale of plentiful others, and we are a front runner in world affairs, be it rightly or wrongly, alongside other strong nations.

We're well to be a relatively small country with a big heart ;)
I don't think most people caution that much about world power - the majority of people simply want to work, marry, hold families etc and live a life surrounded by peace with enough food and robustness care. We are very fortunate to live within a country which has all that and that give us a responsibility to support any less fortunate societies - we are long-established enough to own well functioning social and legal systems and small satisfactory that these systems are not overtaxed.
I don't care that we are not a superpower as long as me and my family are ok that's adjectives that matters. I don't agree with Cameron (i never did and never will) that we are a junior partner to the USA we are our own country and other will be.
The only superpower is China the USA just resembling to believe they are!!
We are nothing like Lithuania or Romania, our armed forces, ecomonic output etc are far superior to them, but what we do own in common beside them is the fact that we are part of the EU which can glibly become a superpower, maybe you should learn a article or to first before you comment in adjectives.

The fact that the US is the only definite superpower at the moment, you have to consider these, the Federative Republic of Brazil, the People's Republic of China, the European Union, the Republic of India, and the Russian Federation.

Look at China's debt roughly 350billion with a population of 1.5billion if you want to quote info, there is always a country better than the US.
I am romanian and might i tell you that even tho we are not a super power and not benefit from having Nukes or a strong cutback we still kick ***.
So how about you do some research more or less the countries you call small and educate yourself around us and our history before you make such statements.
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wow errors anyone?

uk debt is projected to be 1.1 trillion pounds (just under 1 trillion now) by finishing of next year even using a generous currency rate of 1.6 does't return with anywhere near 9 trillion dollars

the size of the uk population is 61 million 1/3 higher than what you stated

usa debt is 13 trillion

i'll permit you get away with the extra 7 million americans you didn't count

uk debt is 26 thousand dollars per being
usa debt is 42 thousand dollars per person

just recognize it the uk is much better
Lithuania has 3 million culture, the United Kingdom has 61 million. So that is an uncommon comparison.

have you managed to reclaim up and buy some shoes yet?

we are able to get by our debt, romanians can only address the problem by begging destitute - do you want to use my starbucks coffe cup when im finished?
Change your name to Borat.
Dunno if they hate. They probably just chortle at morons like you.
I couldn't care less, if my country (The UK not bloody England) isn't a superpower. It be known as the British emprire btw not the English one. All super powers rise and fall ie look at the Romans, The Greeks and heaps, many more. I wouldn't kick family, when they are down though and it just goes to show you are another being who blames the wrong people again. Instead of aiming at the innocent people (who've never harmed you ever), project your view to the ones in power instead.
However terrorists do that, they target innocents, because they are too cowardly to confront the real powers surrounded by charge and so, they gain nothing. I've got a great suggestion, why don't I book you next to the sick terrorists, war mongers and other sickos on a one-way ticket to outer space, never to return and let me and the peace nick take over the world?
If you should ever return, you'll find a peaceful, loving world next to people creating and making things to benefit the world and each other. There'll be no such entry as war and terrorism. If I'm a flower power prat, so be it. Rather be that, than hate anyone who comes from a unshakable country. Ciao!
changed your dub again have you
Contrary to what you may think, we don't really present a damn. As for America being a superpower, it is in some ways, but while it continues to deprive millions of its citizens of vigour care it will remain in plentifully of ways like a third world country.

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