Ian Tomlinson annihilation; no charges to be brought. The right outcome?

Of course, the police will argue about situations far from T.V and personal cameras, but the bugbear seems to be the opinion of the three doctors...two stating a causal link between the key riot officer swinging his baton and pushing, and the one who stated Mr. Tomlinson's physical set-up which suggested his death be as a result of a personal condition.
Will this result gain respect for the police, or more distrust, and fear from the public?
For anyone interested, the Tomlinson family have set up a drum up support fund - Paypal donations will be ready soon, though in the be determined time you can donate via cheque to:

Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign,

c/o Newham Monitoring Project,

170 Harold Rd,


e13 0se Source(s): www.iantomlinsonfamilycampaign.org.uk Well I guess that Parliaments publicly funded army of thugs are now untouchable. They stopped being a police force the daylight that new labour be elected. They are now nothing short of arrogant bullies and governing body revenue collectors. Ive had occasion to ring them out once, when my car was stolen. Frankly they are more a bloody annoyance than they are a help. I did all my own police work, arranged for the police to block them red handed....and they couldn't even get that right.....Britain have THE VERY WORST "police force" in Europe. Bungling bloody fools. Running around playing Rambo and Beating up innocent old family is about! their limit.
oh come on, did you really think anyone was going to procure done for his death
when they can shoot dead a innocent guy on a tube train next to two police men holding him down as another shoots him 7 times in the head
if they can do adjectives that and then convince a court of enquiry it be lawful
well next they can do anything they want
the police now have a license to as they see fit, the problem is if they allow a police man to be prosecuted for what he does at a demonstration, other police men and women will right to be heard, well if i draw my Baton and a spectator dies will i be charged if so then im not putting my self contained by the firing line Source(s): my head Some of you come across to think it was a bit of a Sunday university party out there. These demonstrations are uncommonly peaceful even if 90% of the people at hand intend them to be. there is always a group of politically motivated activist determined to cause trouble. i do not know the full story of this man but I do not think he be asking politely which way he could go to seize home . He knew damn well that he would NOT be capable of get home for a while because of a demonstration. it is a fact of vivacity that if You et tangled up in one of these demonstrations and you want to draw from out of it, it is almost impossible and with emotions running soaring as they do from time to time, and fear plays it's part you do not mouth sour.
This is just another shield of what has been deem 'good public policy' triumphing over 'justice'.

Moreover, time I think to sack Keir Starmer for making such a hash of the rationale.
It's plainly clear to see form the TV coverage, Mr Tomlinson be assulted by Police, so as for the Director of Public Prosecutions comment, and I qoute "there was no credible prospect of a conviction "
Then is assult no longer an offence? I'd say the entire situation stinks of corruption.
The leftie losers will adjectives be screaming their spittle-flecked rage at their computer screens already!

Labour turned our once great police force into a bunch of pen-pushing fine collectors, making a living from harassing motorists.


Read what it says, and pass it on
The authorities here in UK are already contained by a state of mass panic following the public revelation of just how much the police are already disliked (hated contained by fact). This follows the apparent 'murder' of Mr Tomlinson a newspaper merchant and then the death of Raoul Moat.

So serious is the situation concerning the public perception of the police and disgust of them, that David Cameron tried to force Facebook to ban the link where on earth thousands of people were posted messages of support for Moat.

Cameron is appreciably living on another planet, or perhaps he has not however heard of FREEDOM of SPEECH - something the Tories have other hated since it means the citizens do not actually want them in affairs of state - if truth were told.

As for the police - they are now see by many of us as the gun totting goons of a new police state. How hold the police been allowed to become so heavily armed, in a country which is hugely largely law abiding? Illegal weapons such as the untested and untried tazer domestic device guns and worse. Soon flame throwers to kill demonstrators with.

I hold no sympathy what-so-ever for the police - they have made my life hell from when I be a boy accused of stealing a push-bike which my dad bought for me for my 11th birthday. I have never forgotten it, the obsession these Nazis put me through. Ever since I have hated their guts.

How masses of the middle classes no longer support the police as was the case individual a few years ago?

A man is shoved to the ground in full view of millions watching on TV, but that's okay, because it be the police. If it had been anyone else that personage responsible would by now be banged up somewhere for a few years.

This country stinks.
Labour Government=Enemy
Social Services=Enemy
NHS Trusts=Enemy
Tory Government=New Enemy
All controlled by one square mile within London..............goodbye democracy...........hello civil war!!
Take away the red video let the police force do whats needed to make our streets not dangerous, the evidence was there to be scrutinised and they found no crime to answer, close to referees they get things wrong but we merely have to get on near it, dont we Pin -ball ?
No it was not the right edict but the out come wasalways going to be the same...Policeman free
It is totally disgusting and yet again proves that we live contained by an EU police (Gestapo) state.

Police have shot 30 innocent people unresponsive since 1992 and no officer has been successfully prosecuted.
1,100 death in police custody since 1992 and no successful prosecutions.
Police Shoot to Kill policy now within force; illegal under British adjectives law, OK under EU corpus juris. Source(s): http://www.eutruth.org.uk/50reasonseu.ht… Three doctors and the lawyer of the Crown Prosecution Service have considered all the evidence and arranged there's no case to answer. Tomlinson's death be a tragedy, but it was the rioters that caused the situation that prevented him walking the streets soundly. If you want to make common incentive with those who caused his departure, please do it somewhere else.

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