When is the lawful age?

To have a civil partnership?
Me and my boyfriend are both sixteen and have be together for just over 4 years and we know we want to spend the rest of our lives together and want to make it proper.
Your sixteen. You own a long way to go... Get through High School first. Then if your still together on graduation sunshine, go for it and get married...

Oh and don't do anything stupid and consequently regret it later!
Do you mean a civil union? Not adjectives states offer this. Google [your state] civil union.
Much depend son parental consent and the law of your yet to be named location Source(s): http://www.alltopicsforums.com/ 18 surrounded by the UK
Don't ruin your life near marriage just nonetheless. Trust me, wait until you are in your 20s and if you still want to receive married then, go ahead.

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