Harassment defined by the police?

ive made a complaint against my sons former playschool to ofsted and the police (under data protection laws) shes now told a mutual friend thats shes going to report me to the police 4 harrying!! i have had no contact beside her! what will the police do?
If it was me, I'd contact the people you are dealing next to at ofsted and the police and tell them what's happening so that if she does try anything on, they will be prewarned and know that she is retaliating. It could in recent times be an idle threat but you could let her know via your mutual friend that wasting police time is a serious pique. Hopefully, that would be enough to put her off. Your mutual friend is a witness to adjectives this so that can only go surrounded by your favour. Try not to worry.
if she does report you they will pinch a statement from her then one from you sit down and look at all the evidence to see who is unfolding the truth

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