If you own a flat contained by an apartment block are you subject to rules if you rent it out?

Hi all

location UK

a relative of mine owns a flat, within an apartment block of roughly 25 apartments. Each of them are 2 bedroom apartments I believe.

she wants to rent it out to students and had a few replies so far, one from a personage who wants to bring a small dog with them.

my interview is: if you own a flat/apartment can you decide who lives there (in this defence a person with a dog) or do you entail to get the permission from the company who used to own the flat and may own the unbroken building? (if there were rules set just about no pets?)

hi, you need to find out if in that are specific rules set for that block of flats. some do have them, others don't. they can range from things close to whether pets are allowed, to whether you're allowed wooden floors (as they allow more noise through than carpet). if there are no rules going on for keeping pets then it is your relatives decision whether to allow dogs or not.
Firstly you enjoy to have the right to rent out the flat stated in your lease or agreement.
Secondly ; alike clauses that apply in the original lease to you, would apply to any tenant that you might agree to it to.
if you own the flat outright then you can have folks living their no matter who they are

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