What are peoples honest opinion on the latest parliament?

Giving the release of the budget and all the changes that are planned.....what are everyone's honest opinion?
I think no thing how you look at government sucks. who give a **** going on for them. they **** us all over. Source(s): Opinion To early to trendsetter fully, but already a damn site better than what they replaced.
Typical Tories and that includes the Libdem lap dogs. They lied on a moment ago about everything. They said they had no plans to increase VAT, A LIE. They said near would be no major changes to the NHS, ANOTHER LIE. They said they would look after our troops, indeed the Libdems needed them to have a lb6000 a year rise. SO YET ANOTHER LIE. They said they would keep the free bus pass. ANOTHER LIE. I suspect they have also lied about the winter fuel reimbursement, but time will tell. For those that think they are doing moral, just wait until you own to start paying for services that at present are free on the NHS. My prediction for the future is that private companies will cherry pick and take over things that are at present done by the NHS, let's right to be heard for instance hearing tests. If they fully pilfer these over then the audiology departments in hospitals will bring to a close up closing, this will then be the cue for the private sector to raise its prices and most credible go fully privatised. As for schools, copious schools are going to be left aft as the schools that are doing well are self allowed to turn into academy's, with the ones that need assist getting none whatsoever, on the contrary, many of these school were in call for of rebuilding or refurbishing, but the government pulled the plug on them. Then we own their stance on crime, well watch and see how large crime rises under this soft government. You'll roughly have to be maimed for go, killed or raped to have the wrongdoer locked up, as has already been said by someone, at hand will never be a better time to be a crook. Hal has mentioned other reasons why this shower should never enjoy been allowed to take over the reins of our country and the reality we have an Eton toff who doesn't know when Germany joined the period of war just goes to show they aren't the brightest bunch contained by the world.
A mess is my honest opinion.

They are a bunch of suits who sound devout, campaigned for power and now they own it dont have a clue.

They have be in power a little of 2 months and they enjoy made more U turns than a little, broken manifesto pledges and stumbled from one crisis to the next.

Look at a short time ago the last two weeks - the minister for education have had to apologise to MP's an incredible FIVE times as he cant get a account right.

Cameron makes himself look a idiot re WW2 on the same light of day that Clegg makes himself a prat by jumping the gun and calling the period of war in Afghanistan illegal - like peas in a pod war that his new best mate Cameron voted for.

The business secretary is put on the stern foot on his plan to give free uni places by attempting to introduce a graduate tax to enjoy it cancelled less than a week later.

The minister for robustness backtracks on the so called death rates - in Feb of this year he refused to attend a cross gala committee unless it was removed as even a possibility - now he sticks it to the top of the agenda.

Cameron's big hypothesis of a big society is exposed as a means of cutting job.

The OBR is rocked by scandal and accusations of fixing the unemployment data.

The rise in VAT will lead to greater dismissal whilst the poorest are effected the most.

I have no model where this lot will end up - but if the first two months are anything to walk we are well and truly up that well particular creek and Dumb and Dumber are doing their best to lose the paddle.
I have two opinions.
My honest belief is that it is early days and time will tell.
My other judgment which I don't necessarily believe but as a Lib-Dem supporter I state in public, is that Nick Clegg accepted a share of system as his duty to help get the country out of a hole and not because he looked-for to taste power for its own sake.
Well so far, they've cast my job surrounded by to doubt, made it so I can't get a better job inwardly my organisation (recruitment freeze! YAY! [end sarcasm]) So now I am over worked as well. And consequently said it's all part of "empower the front line of the NHS" and part of the "big community"

Well, sorry, somehow I don't surface like part of your community, Mr Cameron.

So, yeah, not really too fond of them right immediately.
They hold one hell of a job ahead of them not all of which can be put at the door of the ending administration but the lack of energy to contain the crisis is fully at their door and was known to them previously it happened. the City knew give or take a few three years before so why did they not.
My auntie Ruth, who died aged 98 in April 2010, a life-long Socialist and Labour voter, told me "never trust them Liberals. They're only a bunch of Tories in disguise." Think Ruth was right.

It's far worse than empire think.

Here then is the true voice of the Tories, screaming from the shadows, lurking near like some evil monstrosity - a vile stink fills the nostrils.


Death stalks the lands.
Wishy washy, neither fish nor fowl, each watering down the others ideologies and manifestos.
Conservatism and Liberalism are poles apart, a marriage ceremony made in hell, the fact that DC and NC approved to share the same bed proves to me that power means more than integrity to both of them.
As to their "policies", what exactly enjoy they produced?
We know that VAT will rise, we know that there will be a freeze on public sector pay, we are told that immigration outside the EU will be "capped" and we are told that things will be concrete for most of us for a very long time.
They have cynically given the punters a platform to "voice their opinions", a voice to influence policy.
Utter hypocrisy in my view, one would enjoy to have been living on another planet not to know the view of the majority in this country. Trouble is, as we don't agree with our rulers ( any of them ) so they choose to shame them.
We have simply swapped "new for old", merely this time we have been given two for the price of one lol.
Their most up-to-date gem is the concept of "Community Service" for 16yr olds, an eight week voluntary service for those who do not have a work.
Who dreamed that disaster up? It will cost a fortune to set up and run, it will achieve sweet FA, kids who want to help their community would do it anyway, those who are potential criminals will guffaw their socks off.
Ill thought out, knee convulse responses are typical of what we can expect from these strange bed-fellows.
Their honest opinion is Government is another Institution they would love to hate, close to Corporations and Churches Nobody is the boss of the american people.
There is no soft option. The governing body HAS to deal with Labour Party mis-adventures into governing body that they were clearly not equipped for. The party is NOT a socialist delegation anymore,nor has it been the group for the working class. No wonder the party preferred to stay out of government and could never work beside a coalition .It has now to reinvent itself earlier people could take them seriously.
In my opinion I cant see no change as I and everyone be hoping for. All talk and no action!

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