Do British politicians revise their history from movies?

After Cameron, now Milliband...…
wrong we did stand alone. over run countries can not send military aid or provide counter attacks. Britain for adjectives practical reasons stood alone against nazi germany helped by the Italian nouns force.

whilst commonwealth countries sent aid and troops they were thousands of miles away.
The UK Parliament always seem to be divided between the sort of people who actually write main academic tomes on history, and those who indeed seem to draw from it from movies - and even get that wrong.

History is always complex and multi-faceted, but i.e. no excuse for simplifying it to the extent of getting it diametrically opposed to reality, as Miliband seem to have done.

I you ever look at the televised debate in the House of Lords, they usually seem to own a much better grasp of history (and reality) than the Commons.
Cameron is a product of Eton and did PPE at Uni. Milliband is a product of a comprehensive school (but daddy be a leading academic) and did PPE at Uni. Just goes to show that the the UK instruction system is crap whichever level you start at - the bottom or the top.

As far as British history is concerned it gets rewritten every colleagues or so to fit the prevailing political wind. Why do you think Orwell have his hero in 1984 working in the Ministry of Truth altering weekly articles to give what these days could be call putting a "positive spin" on events.

Apart from anything else UK and US politicians never learn from history. The enfolding flop in Afghanistan being a defence in point.
I consider that both these politicians are too young to know their history. The Commonwealth was to be sure involved, especially in the Middle East. America did eventually provide Lend Lease at great cost, finally paid wager on by 2006.
The Free French had problems in Dakar aggression the Vichy French, although better in North Africa and later surrounded by Metropolitan France
Not until 1943 were enough Americans available within Europe. Source(s): I was around at the time and history was qualified at schools then not close to today Well they do say you can't get a cigarette broadsheet between the personalities of these two prats. Obviously they played truant to watch John Wayne movies and contained by their weird and disjointed world thought that it was adjectives true. Milly Band will make a wonderful leader of the Labour Party where on earth it seems nowadays 'ignorance is bliss'.
Milliband may have over simplified history and done a disservice to those less outstanding countries in WW2 but it is nowhere near the rewritten Hollywood history that Cameron spouted. The UK could own left Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe to Hitler. We could have remained indeterminate as the USA did, like Ireland did, like Spain of adjectives places did and all the other countries who turned the other way.

Realistically short the commonwealth, the Soviet Union and other countries and resistance movements across Europe we would have been steamrolled out of history as would any of the other countries involved. I enjoy nothing against America or the American people but the truth is WW2 as far as Europeans are considered be a group effort with no "junior partners".
who was providing the weapons for those military member from other countries? I think his statement is true, those other people already lost their countries

also the NAZI's did effectively cut sour the UK from its colonies

standing alone in Europe is true.
history is not everyones penchant subject. as cameron and milly were born a long time after the second world war theres no pretext why they should have any knowledge of it. in attendance are more important lessons contained by life to be learned.
and no. im not knock the soldiers who were killed within ww2.
Sophie your saying we are adjectives anti American yet you are always coming onto british question shouting out you anti british BS and you wonder why we are you dont do youselves any favours your answers never have anything to do with the Question FFS girl shut up

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